How To Use This Site

Welcome to these free resources! We wanted to give you a quick ‘How To’ so you can maximise the value of these videos. We’ve broken our training down into a series of short videos. You will want to watch them in order so we’ve numbered them for you. Start at Video 1 and work your way through as you have time. We intentionally made them short, bite-sized videos so you can watch them on the go if you need to.

Some of the videos you may want to watch over and over especially when you want to get really good at a key skill. (It took us several times of seeing the Three Circles before we had it down.) Some of them you may need to only watch once to understand the core concept we explain.

The Advanced page is for after you’ve finished watching all the videos and need some resources to go beyond the last lesson. If you haven’t finished watching all the videos, don’t worry about the Advanced page just yet.

We hope these bless you and if you want to get in touch, feel free to use the Contact Form. We may not be able to answer all requests, but we try to read them all. We’d love to hear any testimonies you have as a result of using these resources.

Wishing you every blessing in Christ,

Mission 365 Team

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