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Would you like to know the secrets to being effective at sharing the amazing news of Jesus with those who do not know Him yet?  Do you want the people in your church or business to feel great about knowing who to share the Gospel with, when, and how?

We want to share the Key Concepts here with you that help you grow from being unsure if you’re called to share the Gospel, (hey, we felt like that once, but soon realised we are ALL called to share right?), to being confident, clear, and comfortable in seeing the Lord bring people to Himself through you!

Coupling years of applied research on the mission field, with powerful insights from Scripture, these videos outline the core concepts that you can apply to your neighbourhood, business, church, or anywhere!  There is a pattern to how the Gospel moves, and here we will show you what it is, and how to be equipped to do it yourself! All for free.

We’ve been in ministry for a long time and have trained countless churches, groups, and individuals in these principles. We soon realised that we couldn’t train people fast enough! Consequently, we felt the Church could use a free resource like this website and these videos. Our heart is that people who love Jesus feel confident and competent to let others know how amazing God, and the Gospel of God’s grace is!

Jump in now on these short videos, and if you apply what you learn, you’ll soon see God use you in ways you may never have imagined!

If you’re ready to start now, go ahead and click the Training Videos link. Did we mention this is free?

Or if you want to see a sample of what to expect, here you go:


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