This page is intended for those who have finished the training videos and have already implemented Connect, Share, Gather, and now are ready to Train. We want to provide some resources for you once you get there!

If you haven’t done got to Train yet, you’re welcome to browse this section, but in our experience people who start to implement these resources without having much or any experience with the preceding milestones, actually inadvertently hurt the process. So don’t worry about this page if you’re just working on Connect, Share, and Gather; but come back when you have succeeded on those fronts!

Use this section once you have a Gathering with people who are ready to learn more about Jesus. (Yellow and Green light people if you’ve watched the videos.)

This can happen quickly though! We’ve trained people on the Four Missional Milestones and the next day they called us needing these resources because they had an individual or a group ready to go!

Resources for Train

To start doing Discovery Bible Studies, you may want some help knowing what passages to use. We’ve sourced some passage lists that are really helpful when you start out doing this. These are from organizations we know and respect, (but we are not affiliated with any of them).

Once you have done a few Bible Studies, you may find that you have a better idea than the lists of what to study. The lists are a guide and are great to use if you don’t know what to do next. You just follow them in order.

However, we found that for some groups, it was better for the leader to skip around a bit based on the questions the people needed answers for. Let God direct you too, pray about it and ask Him to show you what passages to use!

Scripture Lists

You may want to start with some short lists at first. These are ones we find have been very useful to successful practitioners to start with:

Long Lists: These are for those who have established Train groups that want to go beyond what the short lists above offer.

Training Manuals

If you are someone who likes to read training manuals, here are a couple we like. Note: these are from groups that, again, we know and respect, but they do explain how to do it slightly differently than the methodology we have presented in the videos. However, there’s lots of really helpful things in these and some of it is pretty detailed! Use them as long as they’re helpful and fruitful.

Web Links

Here are some helpful places to explore on the web that are also good resources for this work:

We would also encourage you to do web searches for more resources too.