Video 08 – Share The Gospel Like a Pro

Sharing the gospel well is something it seems all of us can get better at.  We think it’s hard to do well.  We’ve all heard bad gospel presentations that make us shudder haven’t we?  Most of us are reluctant to share the gospel because we don’t want to come across like ‘that person’.

There are many ways to share the gospel well, but here we share with you the one we like best.  It’s called the Three Circles.  My recommendation is that you watch it and if you like it, practice it, and watch it as many times as it takes for you to be able to do it well.  That’s what will make you a pro!

One of the most exciting parts of stepping out in faith in the ways we describe is you learn pretty quickly that there are people out there who will come to Christ RIGHT NOW! It’s much easier if you’re well prepared for that surprising moment by having this practiced to the point of feeling great about it.

We find that it really helps others understand why you believe what you believe too!